Top 5 Samsung Products in 2022

Top 5 Samsung Products in 2022

If you’re interested in smartphones, you must’ve heard about one of the biggest names in the technology market, Samsung. While other brands may focus more on design and aesthetics, Samsung technology products are all about specs and innovation. As a result, they put some of the most cutting-edge and highest-spec products on the market. So, take a look at the five best Samsung products for early 2022.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

With an elegant design, amazing camera zoom and S-Pen support, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra packs in all features you could possibly want in a smartphone. People call this the new Samsung’s ‘everything phone’, and we couldn’t agree more!

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This smartphone has a ton of incredible features: cameras led by a 108MP sensor, dual telephoto camera lenses, 100x zoom, and 40MP selfies. The smartphone is also available for 5G, has all-day battery life with up to 16GB of RAM. This is all packed into an Android phone with a 6.8-inch 120Hz Quad HD display and an upgraded in-screen fingerprint sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera lenses remain the most innovative feature of this model. Samsung has upgraded the specs of the cameras to be able to capture 108MP photos, 40MP selfies, and 8K videos with ease. If you’re finding yourself a camera that has epic camera zooms, is the most powerful Android, and have some S-Pen features, then Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the smartphone for you!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

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We can’t talk about Samsung smartphones without mentioning the newest hi-tech flip phone that Samsung released recently. Now cheaper, smoother, and more durable than the earlier model, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 may leave you wondering why you would buy a standard phone at the same price.

Top 5 Samsung Products in 2022

The Flip 3 is one of Samsung’s third-generation folding screen devices alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3 tablet-phone hybrid. While the Fold 3 is about putting a tablet into your pocket, the Flip 3 is a smartphone that folds in half, just like a makeup compact. The new Flip 3 is an evolutionary product of Samsung’s previous foldable smartphone. It is now slightly thinner, shorter and narrower; the design feels more sturdy and less showy.

Once you open it, the smartphone behaves like a regular, large-screen premium Android phone. However, the Flip 3 has improved durability, water resistance and a much more affordable price, making it Samsung’s first folding-screen flip phone that is almost ready for the mainstream. Moreover, with this model, you can close it with a satisfying shut, without worrying that the screen would break, and carry it in much smaller bags or pockets.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex

The Galaxy Book Flex is a Samsung laptop that relies on productivity, portability, and a glamorous design. From its bright 15-inch screen to its strong performance and striking colour, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex is one of the best 2-in-1 laptops you can purchase. The model is also praised among users for its fantastic endurance and solid performance.

The Galaxy Book Flex has the 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor along with 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD (with a MicroSD slot). This model also has a 13.3-inch screen with a 1080p display. The screen uses Samsung’s cue LED technology, which you may have already seen in some Samsung TVs out there, making the display looks better than expected for a 1080p display.

The laptop’s trackpad will wirelessly charge other wireless devices via its Qi technology, which is a feature that customers would like to see other laptop brands use. Samsung also incorporates its famous S-Pen into the Galaxy Book Flex, making it even more convenient while using the laptop. The creative people looking to doodle or draw on their laptops will love this S-Pen option.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

If you’re a person that carries your laptop everywhere with you, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro might be the perfect travel buddy that you’re looking for. This Galaxy Book Pro comes with a thin and light chassis, a great display screen and battery life. The best part is, you can get the amazing features of this laptop without having to cost a fortune.

Overall, the model has an attractive design, is well-built, and is comfortable to use. Especially, the 15.6-inch Galaxy Book Pro only weighs just over 1 kilogram, which is quite impressive. The laptop screen comes with a full HD anti-glare display, giving you the true colours of all the characters and clarity that are often found in higher laptop versions.

Last but not least, the Galaxy Book Pro comes with an AMOLED screen. Being self-emissive (having no LED backlight) means that the blacks showing on the screen are actually black. As a result, there’s no backlight bleed or blooming, making the colours look much punchier than on a regular LCD screen. Your HDR movies and photos will look stunning on this model!

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

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The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a Samsung’s smartwatch and is an excellent refresh over their previous Galaxy Watch Active. The device comes in two available sizes, 40-mm size and 44-mm size, and comes in three colours: pink gold, cloud silver, and aqua black.

When it comes to the form and fit of the Active 2, the smartwatch provides a compact and lightweight fit, which is extremely useful if you’re wearing it during workout sessions. All of the minimalistic presentation alongside a 1.4-inch AMOLED display and minimal bezel around the exterior make this a great-looking watch.

The Active 2 smartwatch doesn’t run Google’s software. Instead, it runs Samsung’s watch software called Tizen, allowing a better performance and battery life than what you usually get from using Google’s Wear OS. The watch’s interface is easy to navigate, thanks to the scrolling feature of the bezel. This Samsung’s smartwatch also offers impressive fitness tracking with automatic workout detection–something that workout fans would absolutely love!


These are just some Samsung technological products that have been most talked about in recent years. Samsung continues to upgrade previous models and release new products, so remember to always check for the most updated source of information. If you’re planning to make purchases from Samsung, we hope this article provides some insights and valuable information that might help figure out the best Samsung product for you.

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