5 secret Easter Eggs on the new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G you probably didn’t know about Register for free to continue reading

5 secret Easter Eggs on the new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G you probably didn’t know about Register for free to continue reading

While the touch screen capabilities and versatile 2-in-1 hinged design mean it really does do it all – for work and play. But, beyond the surface, this smart bit of kit is so full of features. In fact, that there are plenty you won’t discover until you’ve had the joy of playing with it for a while.

From the tips and tricks to make the most of the included S Pen stylus, to instant Quick Share and using it to control your smart home, this laptop does way more than you may realise at first. Here we outline some of the features just waiting to be discovered on this exciting new device.

Instant sharing between your devices

Stop sending yourself documents as email attachments, and forget using messaging apps to share files and links between your devices. Samsung’s Quick Share is the function you never knew you needed for instantly having content to hand, exactly where you want it. Just select the photo, video or file you want, tap the Share button, and you’ll see your other Samsung devices on screen to share with. Accept the share on the device you want it on, and it’ll be there in an instant. You can even share to multiple people at a time, perfect for group photos or work documents everyone needs to see.

Use it to create an integrated smart home with your other devices

Want a futuristic smart home? Don’t fancy doing any intensive renovations? Having a totally interconnected smart home is easier than you might think when you have a family of smart Samsung-compatible tech. Just use the award-winning SmartThings app to control thousands of smart home gadgets in the ecosystem, such as Samsung devices, Sonos speakers, Hue light bulbs or your Ring doorbell, from one place. You can even track the location of your Galaxy devices with SmartThings Find – all from your laptop.

5 secret Easter Eggs on the new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G you probably didn’t know about Register for free to continue reading

S Pen gestures make everyday tasks a breeze

This isn’t just a laptop – the Pro Book 360’s touch screen means it doubles as the best tablet you’ll ever use, too. Unlike most other touchscreen laptops, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G comes with the S Pen as standard. Excitingly, the low-latency, ultra-responsive stylus uses a technology called electromagnetic resonance to work with the screen, rather than Bluetooth or its own battery, and that means you won’t even need to pair it with the laptop – it’ll work straight from the box. Then, you can use its useful ‘gestures’ function to make everyday tasks easier than ever: simply hold the S Pen with the tip pointed towards the screen and use it to select the S Pen button and bring up the Air Command menu. From there, you can use Smart Select to select a section of the screen to take a screenshot, write on that screenshot, and create handwritten notes, then turn those notes into printed text in a single tap.

Built-in eye care

You’re not going to want to look away from the Samsung Galaxy Pro Book 360’s 5G vivid Super AMOLED display, perfect for working, designing creative projects and streaming video. And if you have this 2-in-1 laptop, you’ll already know about its game-changing 360-degree design, great for watching movies, sports and TV shows in its own freestanding shape, anywhere. But what you might not realise is that it also comes with built-in SGS Eye-Care Certified protection from harmful blue light – so you can enjoy the beautiful Samsung screen from the working day, through to watching your favourite shows at night, totally comfortably.

Tips to prolong your battery life even further

The Samsung Galaxy Pro Book 360 5G boasts an impressive battery, able to run up to twenty hours on just one charge. Then, thanks to its compact fast charger, just a 30-minute charge can give you up to eight hours of power.

Still, and especially useful when travelling or working remotely, this great laptop boasts a wealth of hidden features which can extend that battery life even further. In Settings, under Display, you’ll find this laptop’s cool Focus mode. Though it may not be one of the hero features of this laptop, it’s certainly a great one: just turn it on, and it will dim the area which isn’t the window or app you’re using at that moment. Not only does it make paying attention to a task more easy, it will improve your experience when watching videos, and protect your battery life by lowering unnecessary brightness.

You can also extend the overall life of the laptop’s battery with the useful Protect Battery option, found under Battery and Performance in settings. This limits its full charging capacity to 85% at a time (still more than an ample amount for everyday use) to help your tech look after itself.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G is available now from £1349, from Samsung.com.

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