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By notebook 27/09/2022

Sticky Key on Your MacBook Keyboard? Here's How to Fix It

Tired of the "I" key on your MacBook's keyboard never pressing down because you spilled some sticky soda on it months ago? Unfortunately, you have sticky key syndrome -- that's when dust, crumbs or ot...

By notebook 27/09/2022

F-Secure SAFE review: Superb for all-round protection

Some people want an all-encompassing security suite with dozens of configurable modules; others are just looking for an unfussy tool that will keep them safe, stay out of their way and preferably not...

By notebook 27/09/2022

How to Install Apple Music on Windows 11 PC

If there’s one thing in the tech world I have been waiting for the past few years, well, that has to be a full-fledged Apple Music app on Windows. Although Apple shut down iTunes for good on Macs with...

By notebook 26/09/2022

Huawei Awarded the Most Valued Technology Partner of the Year 2020 from DBS Bank

[Singapore, November 18, 2020] On November 17th, Huawei was proud to announce that it has been awarded the Most Valued Technology Partner of the Year 2020 from DBS Bank. Huawei team has been...

By notebook 26/09/2022

As a filmmaker, the iPad Air has a major flaw which means I can’t use it

When I’m not working at TechRadar, I’m making films. No, nothing you''ll have seen, just low-budget shorts and sketches. But it does mean I’ve got the right expertise to investigate products aimed at...

By notebook 26/09/2022

How to install iTunes on Chromebook in 2022

If you have most of your music or preferences stored in an iTunes library but also have a Chromebook, you may find it useful to learn how to install iTunes on a Chromebook. It’s not a native option fo...

By notebook 25/09/2022

Apple MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip: Gets the work done, without slowing down

Moving away from the sleek chic design, the Pro machine reminded me of my first encounter with a MacBook over a decade ago - the hefty, thick machine. The MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip has premium chas...

By notebook 25/09/2022

Fortnite: When is Ariana Grande’s virtual concert and how to attend

Ariana Grande is the latest icon making a “grande” entrance into the world of Fortnite. Like the latest Icon addition, LeBron James, Ariana will appear with skins, bling, and other accessories purchas...

By notebook 25/09/2022

Huawei Matebook X Pro Review: Powerful, but held back by design choices

Huawei is known for rewarding high price tags with ambitious spec sheets, at least attempting to somewhat re-balance the tug-o-war between power and value. This year, that’s been most clearly demonstr...

Hot Articles

By notebook 07/07/2022

Huawei P50 Pro The Best Smartphone for Photography and Entertainment

Huawei P50 Pro is the latest flagship smartphone from Huawei. It offers some of the best features and specifications that you can find on a smartphone today. The phone is designed for photography and...

By notebook 10/06/2022

Get ready to be the most attractive Smart Wear this season with HUAWEI Band 6

Huawei Band 6 is a fitness-oriented smart band that can effectively track your activities throughout the day and serves as a beautiful smartphone companion. Let’s now have a check!Overview of hardware...

By notebook 22/08/2022

haben Sie wahrscheinlich von der Vintage Extractor Bell gehört

Wenn Sie ein antikes Telefon haben, haben Sie wahrscheinlich von der Vintage Extractor Bell gehört, aber wenn nicht, möchten Sie vielleicht mehr darüber erfahren. Diese antike Glocke stammt aus dem fr...

By notebook 10/06/2022

Huawei P50 Pro: Fantastic Camera Function

Have you ever seen a phone so beautiful that it takes your breath away? The Huawei P50 Pro is just such an offering, with its stunning glass front and retina display. This 5G enabled device allows for...

By notebook 17/04/2022

How to find saved passwords on your Mac

If you opt to use iCloud Keychain over one of the popular password managers, then you already know its major benefit: Your passwords sync across your Apple devices. For example, you can save a passwor...

By notebook 31/05/2022

Le fer dans le chocolat

Le fer est un minéral très répandu dans l’organisme humain. C’est un oligo-élément. La teneur en fer du corps ne doit pas excéder les 5g car il peut être toxique pour l’organisme. C’est donc un élémen...

By notebook 12/04/2022

Residents slam Apple's $200M windfall; Flashback: Networks dismissed Hunter Biden laptop story

File photo - Apple CEO Tim Cook responds to a question during a news conference at IBM Watson headquarters, in New York, Thursday, April 30, 2015. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)NEWYou can now listen to Fox...

By notebook 31/03/2022

MacBook Webcams Are the Worst. Here's How to Look Better on Zoom Calls

If you own any MacBook besides the 2021 MacBook Pro M1, one thing's certain: Your webcam is pretty bad. Sure, at 720p, it's a functioning camera -- but it's noisy, looks flat and lacks depth-sensing t...

By notebook 09/04/2022

Litchfield students' device upgrade will wait

Litchfield School Board agreed with a recommendation from its district technology director March 14 to delay an upgrade of student technology.The delay means the district will extend use of laptop and...


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