Get ready to be the most attractive Smart Wear this season with HUAWEI Band 6

Get ready to be the most attractive Smart Wear this season with HUAWEI Band 6

Huawei Band 6 is a fitness-oriented smart band that can effectively track your activities throughout the day and serves as a beautiful smartphone companion. Lets now have a check!

Overview of hardware


1. Sensors: accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor (with sleep monitoring and stress monitoring), SpO2 sensor (with continuous monitoring)

2. Screen: 1.47 inch AMOLED screen (94 x 368 pixel screen)

3. Dimensions: 43x25.4x10.99mm


The band is equipped with Huawei's latest TruSeen TM 4.0 heart rate technology, Huawei's AI-based multi-sensor neural network algorithm, and carefully designed PPG components.With this technology, HUAWEI Band 6 can provide more accurate 24-hour heart monitoring to identify changes in blood oxygen levels, rest, and stress-related conditions.


The band has a stunning 1.47-inch Full-View AMOLED display with an aspect ratio of 64 percent and weighs only 18 grams (without strap). This weight and relatively large screen will make it easier for you to use the band without worrying about the mis-touch and wrist soreness.


Now, let's get to the design, battery life and the health features.

Get ready to be the most attractive Smart Wear this season with HUAWEI Band 6  


The smart bands are very similar to its sports screen and the same size, the same button on the right and the exact mechanism of the strap. There are a few different variations. However, I like the Huawei version because of this. It's not just less skinny; however, it is also more rounded, which I think is more attractive. Huawei Band 6 will be offered in four color options including:

Amber Dawn

Graphite Black

Green Forest

Sakura Pink

You can choose the color you like the most to match your outfit. You will like the feeling of being a fashionista!

Remarkable battery life

In a compact and elegant square, HUAWEI Band 6 has the main feature of long battery life, a wide range of functions and HUAWEI SuperCharge, Huawei's fast charging technology.


According to Huawei, the phone has an average battery life of 10 days when in typical use and up to 10 days in heavy use. Huawei also claims that users will get two days of use from just five minutes of charging.

Get ready to be the most attractive Smart Wear this season with HUAWEI Band 6  

Basic and advanced health features

Basic health monitoring functions

HUAWEI Band 6 offers 96 sports modes and more, including personal trainers! Now you can escape the hustle and bustle of work life and daily grind and focus on keeping your heart healthy. Maintaining your fitness and health is never that easy. The HUAWEI Band 6 supports jump rope mode, accurately measuring the jump distance performed and providing exercise information such as the number of consecutive jumps.


The band also provides the user with results of monitoring, as well as suggestions for the improvement of health. This is a highly efficient band that has full health management features and capabilities. It also includes the Sp02 menstrual cycle tracking control function that was developed explicitly for women.

Blood oxygen monitoring

The Band 6 has one feature that stands out: the blood oxygen monitoring. This feature can be used throughout the day to track your oxygen levels and ensure that you are getting enough oxygen to your muscles. It is also useful for tracking your sleep quality, as sleep apnea can cause low oxygen levels.


Fitness and health-related advantages make this band 6 huawei a better choice. The overall design is better and comes with more color options, providing a variety of exercise options when you need more sophisticated tracking. In addition, it also offers all-day SpO2 monitoring that is unique to the Huawei Honor wearable. On top of that, heart rate monitoring seems a bit more accurate.

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