Apps/Software Kaspersky Antivirus Software as Russian Cyberattack Exploiter? Germany Suggests Replacing It

Apps/Software Kaspersky Antivirus Software as Russian Cyberattack Exploiter? Germany Suggests Replacing It

Kaspersky's antivirus software might lead to some Russian cyberattacks, as claimed by Germany. Authorities believe that this cybersecurity service can be used for exploitation, especially since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still unresolved.

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The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is now warning companies and organizations relying on Kaspersky.

"A Russian IT manufacturer can carry out offensive operations itself, be forced to attack target systems against its will, or itself be spied on as a victim of a cyber operation," said BSI via Euro News.

Kaspersky Antivirus Software as Cyberattack Exploiter?

According to Tech Crunch's latest report, BSI suggested that companies and organizations replace their Kaspersky antivirus software with non-Russian cybersecurity services.

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The security agency clarified that it doesn't urge them to remove the antivirus software provided by the Russian cybersecurity agency.

Apps/Software Kaspersky Antivirus Software as Russian Cyberattack Exploiter? Germany Suggests Replacing It

But, BSI still says the likelihood of Kaspersky antivirus being used as a cyberattack exploiter, especially since this software has deep system access.

Aside from Germany, NATO and Europe warn about possible IT attacks conducted by Russia's military and intelligence activities in Ukraine.

Kaspersky Defends Itself

Kaspersky said that the announcements made by Germany and other countries against its antivirus system are not based on the product's safety.

The Russian cybersecurity believes that the warnings they provided are connected to political grounds. Kaspersky added that it would ensure the quality and integrity of its antivirus software and other products.

As of the moment, the security firm is still working with BSI to clarify German's decision. If your company uses Kaspersky's antivirus service, the best thing you can do right now is to wait for BSI's further announcements.

In other news, Apple's iCloud Private Relay concerns some U.K. network operators. Meanwhile, the notorious McAfee Escobar malware is on the rise again.

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