How do you find and fly with a Fortnite chicken?

How do you find and fly with a Fortnite chicken?

Fortnite Chickens are evolving… not only can you use them to fly – which often comes up in Weekly Quests – but you can also use them to open Vaults in solo mode. And, as of March 8, 2022, you can even get gear from new Loot Chickens.

Here, we’re going to take a look at where you can find chickens in Fortnite, though they’re pretty much everywhere and you just need to getluckyclucky. Keep reading to find out the best locations to find chickens in Fortnite Battle Royale right now, how to use them to open vaults and more.

How do you find and fly with a Fortnite chicken?

Where to find a chicken in Chapter 3?

Fortnite chickens were introduced in the Primal Season, when the ability to hunt animals was added. They’re still about – as are wolves, boars and dinosaurs – and each comes with its own uses. Namely dropping healing items when killed. However, you can also grab hold of a chicken’s legs and use it to float effortlessly across the island. Of course.

Chickens spawn pretty much anywhere on the Chapter 3, Season 1 map, and they also make quite a lot of noise, so if you can’t see one, chances are you might be able to hear one nearby. However, we’ve highlighted a few significant areas across Artemis Island where you might be most likely to come across a feathered friend. The main area you’ll want to avoid, as you’ll be least likely to come across a chicken, is south of The Sanctuary.

How to fly with a chicken in Fortnite

Once you find a chicken (that’s the easy bit), you need to catch it. This is significantly more difficult than it sounds since Fortnite’s chickens are far faster than you are. Rather than simply chasing one down, you kind of need to catch one out, or corner it. Either way, be ready on the Grab button to pick it up. As soon as you are prompted, hit the Grab button, and you should find yourself parading said chicken above your head.

From there, flying a certain distance with your chicken is simple, you can either jump, or just run straight off a high point, and either way you’ll find yourself delicately floating to the ground with no fall damage. You’ll need to repeat this quite a few times to reach the 200 meters for the challenge, but you’ll see your progress appear as you go.

As mentioned, there are other uses to Fortnite chickens. If you want to know how to use a fowl friend to get some Legendary Loot, then check see our guide on how to open Vaults in Fortnite Solos.

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