How Much Space Does Fortnite Take?

How Much Space Does Fortnite Take?

Are you planning to try out one of the best Battle Royale games, Fortnite on your PC? But wait, before you proceed further in the process, do you know how much space does Fortnite take in your system, and what are the minimum requirements of this game?

Without any doubt, Battle Royale games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and PUBG eat up a lot of your hard drive space. But with the recent updates, developers have fixed the space issue of Fortnite. Now, the shrunken file size of the Battle Royale game makes sure that you can install and enjoy other games on your PC, and can easily download the upcoming updates of Fortnite without thinking about low hard drive space.

How Much Space Does Fortnite Take?

As we all know Fortnite is compatible with multiple platforms like PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Android, and it takes different storage portions on different platforms. So, let’s check out how much space does Fortnite take in each of these platforms one by one.

How Much Space Does Fortnite Take?

On Windows PC, and Mac, Fortnite takes around 29.2 GB of hard drive space. The figure will cross the 30 GB mark after downloading the latest patches and necessary updates.

The storage portion taken by Fortnite on Xbox One is less than that taken in PC or Mac. First, you have to download around 13 GB before getting into the installation process. And during the installation, you will further have to download around 5GB of necessary data to enjoy the game on your device. On the other hand, when it comes to Xbox Series X, you need to have 22.5 GB of available storage to enjoy Fortnite on the device.

Fortnite is among such games that are not available on Google Play Store but are still playable on Android devices. You can download Fortnite on Android via the Epic Games App on the Samsung Galaxy Store or After all the downloading and installation process, Fortnite will only take a total of 3.3 GB of space of your smartphone storage.

When it comes to PlayStation, Fortnite takes around a total of 18 GB of space on PlayStation 4 that includes 8GB of downloading data, while the rest is the installation size. Whereas on the latest PlayStation 5, Fortnite becomes playable after taking 19 GB of space, but for downloading the full game you need to have at least 23 GB of empty space on your console.

Size Of Other Popular Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale games do require a lot of empty space on your hard drive. The best example for it is Call of Duty Warzone that used to take around 92.1 GB of hard drive space, but with the recent updates, the game is now only taking 80 GB of the storage portion. However, this is still a big figure when compared to other Battle Royale games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legend that only takes around 30 GB of onboard memory.

To be specific, PUBG PC takes around 30 GB of hard drive space. Whereas, Apex legend takes around 32.5 GB of your onboard memory. Epic Games are doing a great job by reducing the game size. Now, more and more people can enjoy the game without thinking much about less storage.

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