How to adjust display settings on the MacBook Pro (2021)

How to adjust display settings on the MacBook Pro (2021)

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The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021) models are the first Macs to feature a Liquid Retina XDR display. These powerful displays allow customization missing on other Apple products.

Here's a look at how to adjust display settings on Apple's newest laptops, among the best MacBooks on the market.

How to change the resolution

To change the Resolution on your MacBook Pro (2021):

Change the refresh rate

The MacBook Pro (2021) and Apple Pro Display XDR include the ability to change the refresh rate. For professional workflows like video editing, you can set your display's refresh rate to align with the frame rate of the video you're using.

Available refresh rates include 60 Hertz, 59.94 Hertz, 50 Hertz, 48 Hertz, and 47.95 Hertz. Additionally, the MacBook Pro (2021) allows you to select ProMotion for an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz.

If you decide to adjust the refresh rate, choose the one that divides evenly into the frame rate of your content. For example, if the content you're viewing is 24 frames per second, select the 48 Hertz refresh rate.

How to adjust display settings on the MacBook Pro (2021)

To change the refresh rate:

Adjust reference modes

You can also adjust reference modes on the MacBook Pro (2021). These modes cover typical content creation workflows across several media types.

To adjust reference modes:

You can also adjust the reference modes by clicking on the AirPlay menu, when applicable, on the menu bar, then clicking Reference Modes.

To choose favorite reference modes:

To create custom reference modes:

Advanced users can also create custom reference modes tailored to unique workflows. In doing so, you can select from several color gamut, white point, luminance, and transfer function options.

Adjust brightness

To adjust the brightness on your laptop:

All done!

The MacBook Pro (2021) offers one of the best displays ever seen on a laptop. Use the handy built-in tools to adjust the display settings as needed, customizing your Mac experience further.

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