How to change Twitch password

How to change Twitch password

How to reset Twitch password: we show you how to change your Twitch password following the Twitch password leak

Have I Been Pwned? Check if your Twitch password has been leaked

As discussed, the Twitch data leak not only affects the big-name streamers, it can potentially impact anyone who was on Twitch in 2019 or prior.

How to change Twitch password

If you want to see if your email, phone number or Twitch password has been leaked, have a look on the very useful web resource, with a catchy title, Have I Been Pwned?


For more information on the Twitch password leak, check out our Twitch hack leaked on 4chan page. You can also read about how Amazon has responded to the Twitch data leak. We will be releasing information on how the hack will impact all the biggest streamers in news pieces throughout the day, so keep your eyes locked on the WePC homepage.

If you’re thinking of getting into streaming and this event hasn’t managed to put you off (maybe the full knowledge of how much money can be made has enticed you) have a look on our How to stream on Twitch page for all the info you need to get started.

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