How to install Chrome OS on your old Mac or PC

How to install Chrome OS on your old Mac or PC


We have all been in a situation when our laptop (or PC) comes to the end of its life cycle. It becomes slow and difficult to use. We hang on to it for a while before it finally rests in the desk drawer for the rest of its life. Google has a unique solution for these devices that might give them a reboot.

Google unveiled its new Chrome OS Flex. The new OS comes with most of the features of Chrome OS, like integration with Android, Google Assistant, and cloud sync (for settings, password, bookmarks, etc) with other devices. It's free and you can install easily it on your old Mac or Windows device and give it a breath of fresh air.


But before we go ahead and explain the installation procedure of Chrome OS, let's learn why you should go with Chrome OS and not some other operating system, pre-requirements that you need to take care of before Chrome OS installation, and then finally the guide to install the OS.

Why should you install Chrome OS Flex?

Chrome OS is Google's operating system that is designed to run on low-end hardware. It's simple to set up and easy to navigate. It's a web browser at its core but still has that desktop experience feel. In addition to running Chrome smoothly, Chrome OS can do almost everything you would do on a Windows or a Mac device. Want to watch Netflix? Make presentations on Google Slides? Stream sports? Search Google? Attend online meetings via Zoom? Chrome OS has got you back.

But why not install another operating system? Windows and Ubuntu are viable options, but they are not optimized for old hardware. If your laptop cannot run the OS it came with, it probably won't be able to run other operating systems, such as Ubuntu. Chrome OS Flex is a lightweight operating system that can even run on 10-year old hardware. Plus, it's free to download and install.

Installing Chrome OS on Mac or PC: Things you need to know

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before installing Chrome OS:

Here are the minimum requirements from Google to run Chrome OS Flex on your old computer:

Note: Intel GMA 500, 600, 3600, and 3650 graphics hardware do not meet Chrome OS Flex performance standards.

How to install Chrome OS on Mac or PC

First, we'll need to download the installation file and create a bootable USB drive. For this:

How to install Chrome OS on your old Mac or PC

Once the process is complete, turn off the laptop/PC on which you want to install Chrome OS Flex and follow these steps:

ManufacturerBoot key
AppleHold Option (next to the ⌘ key)
ToshibaF2 or F12
OtherTry pressing Esc, any of F1-F12 keys, or Enter

That's it. That's how you can get Chrome OS Flex running on your Mac or Windows laptop. Once you start using Chrome OS, you'll realize how optimized it is for older-generation hardware. Ran into some issues? Drop a comment and let us know. We'll be happy to help out.

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