How to pair Apple AirPods and Bluetooth headphones with Peloton

How to pair Apple AirPods and Bluetooth headphones with Peloton

(Pocket-lint) - Peloton's Bike, Bike+, Tread and Tread+ all have speakers on board so you can listen to the great music and enthusiastic instructors without any headphones at all.

The equipment options from the American company also all have a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing you to plug in any wired headphones you might have, so long as they have a 3.5mm connection, or you have an adapter if your headphones are Lightning or USB Type-C.

What about connecting Bluetooth headphones to your Peloton Bike or Tread though? And more specifically, what about connecting Apple's AirPods?

How to pair Apple AirPods and Bluetooth headphones with Peloton

If you want to listen to your Peloton workouts through Bluetooth or wireless headphones instead of the built-in speakers, follow the steps below to get connected.

How to pair Apple AirPods, AirPods Pro or Beats PowerBeats Pro to Peloton

If you have a pair of Apple headphones, whether the standard AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max or some wireless Beats, like the PowerBeats Pro, here's how to connect them to Peloton.

It's worth remembering that only the AirPods Pro and the Beats PowerBeats Pro are sweat resistant from the aforementioned and if you're not sweating on the Peloton, you aren't working hard enough. Using non-sweat resistant headphones might ruin them in the long term so be mindful of that if you're planning to pair the standard AirPods up.

How to pair Bluetooth headphones to Peloton

If you have a pair of Bluetooth or wireless headphones, like Bose, Sony, JBL or another brand that you want to connect to your Peloton, follow the steps below.

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Want to know more?

If you have an Apple Watch and you want to use it with your Peloton for heart rate tracking, we have you covered in a separate feature.

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