Changing workstyles and the need for more powerful devices on the go is driving new notebook purchases: HUAWEI

Changing workstyles and the need for more powerful devices on the go is driving new notebook purchases: HUAWEI

Anyone working in content creation has ever-increasing demands of their technology, particularly now that they’re becoming more mobile and need to get more done on the go.

Consumers are demanding ever-more rich media experiences, including in 4K, and even 8K resolution is now looming as a mainstream technology. Furthermore, content creators need to craft engaging AR and VR experiences or render complex special effects for even the most consumable social videos, and quickly edit photos taken in ever-higher resolutions. In short, content creators need notebook computers that can keep pace with them.

It is for this audience that HUAWEI claims its MateBook X Pro is particularly compelling. “The portable form factor and power of the laptop allows them to take portions of their work with them and work offsite,” Larking Huang, HUAWEI Consumer Business Managing Director of Australia, said. “Not only that, the X Pro 2021 also carries the latest connection ports with 2 x Type C ports that also support Thunderbolt 4 for Dual 4K displays. This allows high-ends users to work on videos and easily plug them into high-definition external monitors outside their normal place of work.”

It is often assumed that a content creator simply needs a powerful device, in the same way that a high-end content consumer might, but these professionals do typically need devices with a different set of technical focuses. Professionals need devices that offer:

There is a new wave of innovation in the notebook that is leading to content professionals looking to make refreshes to their work devices. For example, there has been a significant uptick in PC sales, with overall sales increasing by 12.7 per cent, the biggest growth rate in the past ten years.

It is this audience – of professionals looking for a refresh in line with the needs of modern content creation and working style – that HUAWEI is looking to reach with the MateBook X Pro 2021. “The MateBook X Pro 2021 delivers performance with the 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, Iris Xe Graphics, 16GB RAM and our Dual Shark Fin with Vapour Chamber thermal design,” Huang said. “The display experience is also beautiful and adds an additional function for efficiency. The MateBook X Pro 2021 features a 3K FullView Touch display that offers not only a high-resolution display experience but also a convenient 10-point multi touch display allowing you to scroll, zoom in or out and also capture a screen shot with our three-finger gesture screenshot.”

Additionally, content professionals need to be more mobile and work more rapidly than ever – editing videos on the fly for social media posting, and capturing quickly for feedback and real-time note taking. Not only is the power of the device important, but also its portability, with the 1.33kg weight and 14.6 mm metallic body a boon to mobile modern professionals here, too.

Changing workstyles and the need for more powerful devices on the go is driving new notebook purchases: HUAWEI

For those users that don’t need quite the same level of extreme performance in their notebooks, HUAWEI has also released a new mid-range and entry-point professional notebook in the MateBook range.

The MateBook 14 is a lightweight mid-tier device with a metallic, and has a focus on the screen viewing experience, with a 14-inch 2K FullView Display. HUAWEI claims that this screen covers 100 per cent of the sRGB colour space, to provide vivid and precise hues, as well as the elimination of flicker and blue light reduction. This device has been designed for the professional that needs to spend long hours looking at the screen. With the Black Friday offer this device is $1,599.

The MateBook D14, meanwhile, is designed for everyday use a portability. The device weighs 1.38kg despite also having a metallic body, and has an IPS FullView display, with a minimal (4.8mm) bezel to create a luxurious large screen experience. This device is being sold at an entry level RRP of $1,199 ($999 with the Black Friday deal), giving users that need to work while on the go an accessible, robust, and low-cost option.

One final feature of note for professionals, regardless of the device that they’re using, is HUAWEI’s touted multi-screen collaboration, and the ease in which information can be shared between HUAWEI devices. A user might take photos with their HUAWEI phone at an event, for example, before instantly transferring those files and collaborating on them with their team members that are also utilising HUAWEI devices.

Whether it is the hardcore content creator professional, or an office worker that finds themselves travelling and working remotely more than ever, it seems that 2021 moving into 2022 will be the year of hardware refreshes. With the changing way of working, and people consuming technology in a different way, so too do professionals need devices designed to meet their modern needs.

For more information on the HUAWEI MateBook range, click here.


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