How to check and what to expect from the Huawei Smart Office event?

How to check and what to expect from the Huawei Smart Office event?

Huawei has been introducing devices across the past many years, despite its switching situation, and the Huawei Company has been a huge deal at Mobile World Congress for many years.

In the year 2022, it appears like Huawei has something more to show you, declaring that it will be hosting a Huawei Smart Office event. We are guessing it is a signal that many laptops and possibly tablets will be exhibited in Barcelona.

When will the Huawei press conference be held?

The Huawei event will happen on 27 Feb at 14:30 CET. Here are the international times for the launch:

Where can I view the Huawei event live?

Huawei will be coming live with the event through its official YouTube channel and will be live streaming it from Barcelona.

How to check and what to expect from the Huawei Smart Office event?

What are we looking for?

With the Huawei P50 and the Huawei P50 Pocket lately declared and globally set up, we do not think this is anything to do with some smartphones.

Huawei generally utilizes this keynote to spotlight any advancements in its non-smartphone productions, specifically the series of MediaPad tablet and MateBook laptop arrangements. The teaser of this live event has given fans clue with words such as “Super Device, Super Creativity,”. We are guessing it will be a slim and lightweight MateBook, simply packed with creativity.

We do not have leaks for this gimmick, but from the promo we are guessing it will be a tie up with different devices. Huawei has for a long time been focusing on blurring the lines between its mobile and laptop products so we are expecting something that abide by that technology.

Nowadays, Huawei is arranging to eradicate inter-device hurdles by adding the Super Device which was first introduced in the year 2021 to the Smart Office. Its goal is to provide all matching devices to work in one single element.

Ecosystem Integration is one more core ability of Smart Office. With mobile apps standing out in content consumption requirements, the Huawei Mobile App Engine brings back AppGallery’s wealth of favorite productivity and amusement apps to Huawei laptops.

Today, the Super Device is accessible on Huawei PCs through the Super Device’s easily drag and connect user interface in the PC’s control center. This enables fast access to your files in the phone that connects to the smart screen in the speed of light.

This permits a concentrated and effective work flow for the user who is right away capable of processing jobs with ease over various devices.

With the unique Pop-Up Pairing feature, the Huawei PC can be linked up easily to Huawei’s wireless earbuds, speaker systems, Bluetooth mouse, and keyboard, as well as a printer, holistically enhancing the huawei Smart office mobile phone experience.

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