Huawei and Honor laptops: Are these brands worth buying?

Huawei and Honor laptops: Are these brands worth buying?

We take you through what you need to know about these two manufacturers, including how they fare in our tests. So you will know what you’re in for if you decide to put one of these brands on your laptop shortlist.

Huawei and Honor are better known as tablet and smartphone brands, but they both have a range of laptops available to buy from various UK retailers.

They might not be front-of-mind when you head out or online to buy a laptop, but we’ve tested several Best Buys and good-value models over the years that mean these brands are worth looking at.

We put every laptop we review through our tough, independent lab tests. Use our expert laptop reviews to find the best model for your budget.

What sort of laptops does Huawei make?

Huawei has three sub-brands of laptop. From the most expensive to least, they are:

For the most part, Huawei’s laptops focus on portability. This includes the larger 15-inch models, which are lighter than some of their 15-inch rivals.

Huawei does not dabble in super-cheap laptops and the slowest processor you’ll find on a Huawei is a not-too-shabby Intel Core i3 paired with 4GB of Ram.

Huawei laptops are available at various major UK retailers, including Amazon, AO, Argos, Currys and Very. As well as directly from Huawei’s own website.

What sort of laptops does Honor make?

Honor used to be owned by Huawei, but was sold off in 2020 to allow the brand to escape the restrictions imposed on Huawei by the US government (see below). It currently has laptops in the following ranges:

Their availability at UK retailers is slightly patchy. Some models are only available directly from Honor, and a few out of stock even on its own website.

Huawei and Honor laptops: Are these brands worth buying?

Retailers that stock Honor laptops include and Laptops Direct.

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Huawei vs Honor – are their laptops any good?

Over the years we’ve reviewed 12 Huawei laptops, with their average score equating to 73%. That’s just short of Best Buy status but above the laptop average of 68%.

The very best Huawei we’ve ever tested scored 85%. The best that’s still available for sale scores an excellent 81% and achieves Best Buy status.

However, we have tested some sub-par models with scores as low as 63% on models that cost over £500, suggesting that while Huawei is capable of producing some class-leading laptops, you aren’t guaranteed a winner.

See all of our Huawei laptop reviews.

Honor meanwhile has only had two laptops widely enough available for us to test. The best scored 72%, while the other could only muster 63%.

If the price is right, these aren’t bad laptops, but rival computers from other brands have done better.

See all of our Honor laptop reviews.

What about security updates?

Restrictions imposed by the US government in May 2019 resulted in all Huawei smartphones sold after that month no longer receiving updates and security patches from Google. This has lead many to believe that Huawei laptops would suffer the same fate.

However, as of 2022 no such thing has happened. Huawei and Honor laptops still receive Windows 10 updates, and many have now been updated to Windows 11.

We know this because our lab testing involves updating each laptop we test to the latest software available to that device.

Is your laptop compatible with Windows 11? Use our free Windows 11 checker tool to find out.

Latest Huawei and Honor laptops tested

These are the most recent Huawei and Honor laptops we’ve put through our independent lab tests:

This 14-inch laptop has a slim and light design. But unlike other brands, such as Apple, it doesn’t scrimp on ports – it features a couple of USB-C ports, a full-size USB, plus HDMI and a headphone jack.

It’s powered by a top-spec Intel Core i7 processor and comes with 16GB of Ram, making it a solid pick if you’re after a laptop that can whizz through challenging tasks, such as editing batches of photos.

Read our full Huawei MateBook 14s review to see how it performed in our tough tests.

This mid-range laptop is slim and light and comes with a reasonable technical specification including an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of Ram.

Weighing less than 1.4kg, this laptop could be ideal if you want a portable powerhouse that won’t break the bank.

Read our full Honor MagicBook 14 review to see if it’s right for you.

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