Huawei’s MateBook B Series laptops hit South African shelves

Huawei’s MateBook B Series laptops hit South African shelves

As much as we’re moving back into some semblance of normality, the pandemic has had a pretty striking effect on our approach to work. Notably, the hybrid-work model seems more viable, and even attractive than ever before. Huawei, like many other tech brands, is well aware of this and has a new series of business-oriented laptops catering towards the new hybrid-work model: its MateBook B series.

The MateBook B comes in 3 flavours: the B7-410, B3-520, and B3-420. Of these the B7 is the premier model, with the latter two being slightly less powerful but still plenty capable.

All three laptops come kitted with hefty 56Wh batteries, alongside a 65W fast charger, meaning power should hardly be an issue, even if Eskom gets really creative.

All three also feature Huawei’s Multi-screen Collaboration. This is a handy tool that lets users seamlessly connect a MateBook to a Huawei smartphone. Simply tapping the phone against the laptop will let you access both devices from one screen, bolstering productivity.

Huawei’s MateBook B Series laptops hit South African shelves

Huawei’s made sure that all these devices are safe despite their seamless connectivity with a TPM2.0 security chip. This little number, “saves and manages BIOS and hard-drive passwords,” and “…supports the encryption of system and app login credentials.”

Translation: it encrypts all of a user’s major credentials, from online banking to social media platforms, whenever they log in to them.

All three laptops feature a fingerprint power button, which, if enabled, logs users in from the second they boot their machines up. They also support Wi-Fi 6.

Getting down to specifics,

The flagship B7-410 is super light (1.33kg), made of aerospace-grade aluminium. This makes it perfect for throwing into a backpack as you hop from office to coffee shop to home. It features a 13.9-inch 3K sRGB touchscreen, perfect for scanning spreadsheets at work or watching a movie in your downtime.

The B3 models are a little more generic in design, with the only major difference specs-wise being their screens. The 420 has a 14-inch HD display, and the 520 has a 15.6 -inch panel, both of which are geared to limit blue-light to reduce eye strain. They’re both a little heavier than the B7, says Huawei, but still perfectly portable.

All 3 models come with 11th-gen Intel processors, as well as a range of options regarding RAM and storage. They’re available through Pinnacle and Mustek, with prices negotiable between businesses and distributors.

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