Review: Huawei MateView could be perfect monitor for working from home

Review: Huawei MateView could be perfect monitor for working from home

After working at home for the bulk of the past two years, many people will have likely considered purchasing an external monitor they can link to their laptop to recreate their office set-up and give themselves more space to manage several programmes at once.

The Huawei MateView (RRP €699), the Chinese tech giant’s first standalone monitor, is the latest option on the market for people looking for additional screen space, and it is a cutting-edge and tastefully designed option at that.

The MateView has a 28.2-inch screen in 3:2 aspect ratio supporting a native resolution of 3,840 x 2,560 for a premium, 4K+ ultra HD viewing experience, whether you’re using it to work, play games or watch films.

Review: Huawei MateView could be perfect monitor for working from home

Huawei claims the design was inspired by renowned Russian futurist painter Wassily Kandinsky. We’ll let more knowledgeable art lovers to debate that, but it is certainly a clean, sleek and minimalist product, rendered in silver, that prioritises screen space for an immersive usage experience, with a 94% screen-to-body ratio and bezels of just 6mm.

Two high-powered speakers are embedded in the stand while two microphones support built-in noise reduction algorithms. It also has an integrated height-adjustable mount that allows users easily adjust the height and tilt of the screen while a hidden smart bar enables users adjust display settings such as input source and volume just as quickly.

Connecting other devices wirelessly to the MateView may prove more trouble than it’s worth, but if you have a Huawei phone for instance, you can hook it up simply by laying it down flat on the stand. For laptops, it may be simpler to use one of the HDMI, the USB-A or USB-C, or Mini Display ports.

With a typical brightness of 500 nits and a refresh rate of 60Hz, the MateView screen can quite easily handle the rigours of daily use, but connecting non-Huawei devices wirelessly can be a hassle, so this might be one for the Huawei converts despite the quality output.

Overall the MateView is an impressively designed monitor that should be appreciated by users missing out on a more expansive working experience after a pandemic spent on their laptops, with an incredibly sharp, clear display that won’t strain your eyes.

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