Tech for Her, Tech by Her, Tech with Her

Tech for Her, Tech by Her, Tech with Her

As advances in modern technology bring us closer and closer to a fully connected, intelligent world, we must overcome the gaps between men and women in terms of Internet access, tech engagement, and tech leadership.

According to the 2021 Global Gender Gap Report from the World Economic Forum, women continue to be severely underrepresented in three quarters of the world's "jobs of tomorrow" – a category which includes Cloud Computing, Data and AI, Engineering, and Product Development.

Huawei is committed to creating opportunities and decisive support for women in order to achieve our goal of building an inclusive society that embraces diversity. This commitment reveals itself in many initiatives the Company has launched around the world in support of gender equality and inclusion – "Tech for Her, Tech by Her, Tech with Her" – as well as the concrete action Huawei has taken to improve women's participation in and contribution to the tech sector and the digital economy at large.

Huawei believes that it can have a positive impact on gender equality around the world by focusing on five key elements:

Innovation is one of the basic drivers behind Huawei's vision for a fully connected, intelligent world, and innovation is born of diversity. As such, Huawei understands the value of an inclusive work environment that embraces diversity and provides equal opportunities to men and women. Diversity has long been a key component of our business success, and the first step to building a diverse workforce is gathering diverse talent.

Tech for Her, Tech by Her, Tech with Her

By committing to non-discriminatory recruitment and systems for identifying high-potential individuals, regardless of their gender, Huawei endeavors to build a strong, balanced workplace that rewards the achievements of all employees who dedicate their efforts to advancing technological progress and making digital tools more accessible and affordable for each and every human being.

Huawei has long been proud of the number of women that hold key leadership positions within our own businesses, and we remain committed to providing more opportunities for female employees and offering them platforms on which they can excel.

Huawei has designed specialized tutoring programs, fully inclusive training platforms, and equitable promotion standards to nurture up-and-coming talent. Huawei will continue to cultivate leadership among our talented female employees and continuously work to create a corporate culture that encourages retention and professional growth for women within our organization and across the digital sector.

Huawei's Employee Care Model is designed to protect and promote the well-being of our people. We will continue innovating to achieve a fully safe and welcoming work environment, and better our employee's lives by continuing to work on improving our policies for flexible work arrangements, childcare, retirement care, and more.

By continuously updating relevant corporate policies on recruitment, promotion, and compensation, we also combat unconscious bias within our own organization. As a global company operating in over 170 countries worldwide, we acknowledge the need to address the unique cultural and social pressures women face both in and out of the workplace.

Internal policies such as "equal pay for equal work" and zero-tolerance policies toward all forms of violence or harassment are longstanding cornerstones of our human resources rulebook. Through strict oversight and enforcement, as well as continuous education and awareness campaigns, we are committed to building an environment in which all of our employees are protected and see the value of their work fairly recognized.

Huawei's commitment to gender equality extends far beyond our own organization. As a leader in the global ICT industry, we recognize our responsibility to share our knowledge and tools in order to foster social progress. By improving digital skills and access through skills training, vocational training, and ICT training for women around the world, Huawei seeks not only to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but also to drive growth in the ICT industry.

Through our global Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns, targeted scholarship and mentorship programs, and other initiatives focused on helping women and girls unleash their full potential (such as WomenInTech,HWD), we are working every day to bridge the digital divide and ensure that everyone, no matter their gender, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation, will share in the benefits of technology as we move into this new digital era.

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