www.makeuseof.com What Is Huawei's New Super Device System All About?

www.makeuseof.com What Is Huawei's New Super Device System All About?

At MWC 2022, Huawei unveiled its first-ever all-in-one PC, its first E-Ink tablet, its first-ever printer, its flagship laptop, among a slew of excellent products. While all of these products are terrific on their own, it's the software Huawei has designed that paves the way for an interconnected future. We loved it so much, we gave it a Best of MWC award.

This is what Huawei's calling "Super Device" for an upgraded smart office experience. So, what is Huawei's Super Device, how does it work, and what could this mean for the future of smart office devices?

What Is Huawei's New Super Device?

The new Super Device is an integrated software system that links Huawei products for a seamless productivity experience. Huawei sees your PC or laptop as the center of the Super Device universe, which comes with a Huawei Control Panel app built-in. This is where you can connect or pair other Huawei devices with your PC.

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The Huawei Control Panel app shows nearby Huawei devices in a map-like format when activated, but only so long as the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. The other available devices will look like floating icons, which you drag to the center to connect and pair with ease.


www.makeuseof.com What Is Huawei's New Super Device System All About?

Huawei Super Device: A Seamless, Smart Office Experience

Huawei Super Device is not simply about connecting individual devices. It is about bringing them together to form a smart office experience—one that promotes easy interaction, smooth collaboration, and a unique chance to set up a workstation that's at par with corporate ones.

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As you might have guessed, Super Device functionality will be particularly beneficial for users who work from home with multiple Huawei devices. Connecting ecosystems is not novel. However, Huawei's Super Device takes connectivity a step further with both two-way communication. That is to say, Huawei's vision supports greater flexibility.

When you connect your tablet to your laptop, you can use the tablet as a second display rather than just a storage space for accessing files from. But that's not all!

You can also access the files on your laptop from your tablet if need be. Isn't that amazing?

It's Time to Supercharge Your Huawei Devices

Super Device is here to give people more control over all their Huawei devices, making it possible to share functionality among them. Apple's ecosystem is world-renowned, but Huawei's unified approach might do better in the long run.

Huawei has set itself up for a pretty big challenge, but if it can deliver on all the potential that this system is wrapping into one, it could certainly be a game-changer. Only time will tell.

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