Review: Anker PowerWave brings MagSafe compatible charging to the car with a secured vent mount Guides

Review: Anker PowerWave brings MagSafe compatible charging to the car with a secured vent mount Guides

I’ve made it clear in previous posts that I love MagSafe. After not initially thinking I would care much for it, I now use it exclusively to charge my iPhone 12 Mini. Since discovering that Apple’s MagSafe charger can also charge my AirPods Pro (thanks ATP!), I rarely use Lightning. Of course, charging in the car is a big part of an iPhone user’s life, so getting a compatible MagSafe in the car is a must-have. Since the iPhone 12 line was released, I’ve been the ESR HaloLock in the car, but I recently switched over to the Anker PowerWave, and it’s the best option to charge via MagSafe in the Car.

Anker has another MagSafe product that sits on my desk with the combination MagSafe and AirPods charger. It’s been perfect for logging into apps when I need to use Face ID to authenticate with for multi-factor authentication.

When Anker announced the PowerWave, I ordered it immediately, and patiently awaited for it to arrive. Unboxing took just a few minutes, and it was a breeze to install in my car. It has a pretty slick slot system that makes it easy to pop in and back out. I’ve recorded a short video of it in action. As you can see, it’s easy to slide in and lock so it’s held firmly in place.

PowerWave has a USB-C slot on the bottom, but it includes a USB-C to USB-C cable. My car only included a USB-A port, so you’ll either need to use your cable or buy an adaptor.

Review: Anker PowerWave brings MagSafe compatible charging to the car with a secured vent mount Guides

Air vent mount keeps the iPhone cooler

One of the things I’ve realized with wireless charging in the car is that it works better when it’s in front of an air vent based on the weather where I am from. My car USB ports continue to draw a small amount of power even when the car is off so if the car is in the heat during a hot day, and I go to put my iPhone on it, it’ll often be so hot that my iPhone will shut down to cool off. Having a vent mounted one has solved that problem as it’s cooled off by the air conditioner.

Anker PowerWave Magnet strength

Another aspect of the Anker PowerWave is how strong the magnet is when I dock my iPhone. The products from ESR I tried never had an issue with my phone falling out, but the PowerWave does seem to be stronger. This strength becomes even more important if you’re using a Max-size phone with the additional weight

The perfect angle

The last aspect I like about the Anker PowerWave is the angle it keeps the iPhone docked. I find that glancing at maps, it’s kept it at the perfect angle for following along on Apple Maps. My car lacks CarPlay, so I am stuck using the iPhone display for maps while traveling. Oddly enough, it does have Siri so I can use it to trigger new music, etc.

Wrap-up on Anker PowerWave

The Anker PowerWave is a simple product. If you’re looking for the best MagSafe compatible car vent mount, then look no further. It’s affordable, easy to install, looks great, and keeps your iPhone securely held in place while you’re driving.

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