These are all the official Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series cases

These are all the official Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series cases

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 series is setting the bar for Android tablets, with three fantastic tablets available at different price points. The Galaxy Tab S8 is already an impressive device with powerful performance and a great screen, but you can get an even better experience with the Tab S8 Plus or the Tab S8 Ultra. Even if you go with the base level, though, you’re spending at least $699.99, and the top-tier model starts at $1,099.99. That’s an investment you’re going to want to protect, and Samsung has a couple of official cases to do just that.

Admittedly, there aren’t a ton of options if you’re looking for official cases, but you can choose between basic protection or adding some functionality with a keyboard. If Samsung’s official cases aren’t enough for you, you can check out cases from other brands in our round-up of the best Galaxy Tab S8 cases. For now, let’s get into the official cases from Samsung.


Samsung Book Cover for the Galaxy Tab S8 series

If you just want to protect your Galaxy Tab S8 tablet, your best bet is the classic Book Cover from Samsung. For the Galaxy Tab S8 and S8 Plus, these are actually the same covers as what we got for the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus, since the devices are the same size. The cover attaches magnetically to the back of your tablet and protects it from the back and front when you close it. It also doubles as a kickstand, so you can prop up the tablet and watch videos or movies. You can choose from two angles for the kickstand.

For the standard Galaxy Tab S8, the case comes in your choice of Black, Pink, Light Gray, or Navy colors. For the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, you get all the same options, plus a Light Green version if you prefer that. However, the version for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra only comes in black. You can buy the appropriate model for your tablet below.

These are all the official Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series cases

Book Cover Keyboard for Galaxy Tab S8 series

To make your tablet act more like a laptop, you’re probably going to want the Book Cover Keyboard for your Galaxy Tab S8 model. Just like the Book Cover itself, this model attaches magnetically to the back of the tablet for protection, but the front cover is actually a separate piece, and it connects using the pins on the side of the tablet’s frame.

Because they’re two separate pieces, though, you get that much more flexibility. The kickstand moves independently from the keyboard, so you can have the tablet at whatever position you prefer. The back cover also has a slot to cover the S Pen so it’s held in place on the back of the tablet, and you can easily open it up when you need the pen.

The keyboard itself is plenty useful, allowing you to type but also navigate the interface with the touchpad. There’s a DeX button on the keyboard that turns your tablet into a more PC-like experience with windows and a proper desktop. You don’t need to connect an external monitor, it just enables that experience directly on the tablet, so you can easily switch between the more tablet-like UI and a PC experience when you need it. Plus, you can use the keyboard to control other Samsung devices like the Galaxy S22 when it’s connected to your tablet.

A downside with this one is that it only comes in black, so you don’t have any options there. There will also be a model for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, but just like the standard Book Cover, it’s not available yet.

Protective Standing Cover

If you don’t want a case that covers up the screen, you can also just get the Protective Standing Cover, the last of the official Samsung cases for the Galaxy Tab S8. It’s a cover with something of a rugged look, but it still doubles as a kickstand to prop up your tablet on a table. You can adjust the kickstand anywhere between 30 and 75 degrees to suit your preference. That way, you can watch videos and movies more comfortably, and you don’t have a cover you constantly need to remove before you can use the tablet.

It only comes in black, and the design is pretty much identical for all the models, aside from the size. You can buy the right one for your tablet using the links below.

And those are all the official Samsung cases you can buy for the Galaxy Tab S8. If you want extra protection, you might also want to check out the best screen protectors for the Galaxy Tab S8 so you don’t have to worry about cracks and scratches.

If you’re not sure whether you should get Samsung’s latest tablet, be sure to check out our hands-on with the Galaxy Tab S8 for initial impressions. And if your mind is set you can buy it below, or check out the best deals on the Galaxy Tab S8 to see if you can find it at a better price.

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