These are the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 thin cases to buy in 2022

These are the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 thin cases to buy in 2022

Following months of rumors and leaks, Samsung officially revealed the Galaxy Tab S8 series on February 9. There are three models in total: the smallest Galaxy Tab S8, the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus with a larger 12.4-inch AMOLED screen, and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with the largest 14.6-inch AMOLED screen. The lineup has apparently exceeded sales expectations (or the silicon shortage is rearing its ugly head), as pre-orders were paused only a few days after launch.

If you’re buying the smallest Tab S8, perhaps from our best Galaxy Tab S8 deals roundup, it might be a good idea to pick up a case too. We’ve listed some of the best options for a thin case in this list, so you can pick something that will protect your shiny new tablet without adding too much bulk. We also have a roundup of the best Galaxy Tab S8 screen protectors, and if you don’t necessarily need a thin case, we have a list of the best Galaxy Tab S8 cases overall.


These are the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 thin cases to buy in 2022

Samsung is only selling three official cases for the entry-level Galaxy Tab S8, at least for now: the Book Cover, the Protective Standing Cover, and the Book Cover Keyboard Slim. Those three designs should cover (pun not intended) just about every possible use case, from providing a better movie-watching experience to turning the Tab S8 into a proto-laptop, but more color options would have been great to see. Only the Book Cover is available in multiple colors (Navy, Black, Pink, and White).

There aren’t many new cases for the Galaxy Tab S8 yet, but thankfully, the Galaxy Tab S8 has an identical design to the base Galaxy Tab S7 from last year. That means any case or cover designed for the earlier Tab S7, such as some of the options linked above, should work just fine with the new tablet. That also means if you upgrade from the Tab S7 to the Tab S8, you might not have to buy a new case or cover at all.

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