Where to find Fortnite tall grass locations

Where to find Fortnite tall grass locations

There are now two seasonal challenges (unless you’ve completed them already) making use of the new tall grass in Fortnite. Hide in tall grass for ten seconds is a pretty easy challenge to complete as long as you know where to find it. Damage an opponent within 45 second of crouching in tall grass is a little more complex.

In order to level up your Fortnite Battle Pass in the quickest way possible, and to make each game a bit more interesting, there are loads of challenges to work your way through this season. One of this season’s challenges earlier in the season was to “Hide in tall grass for ten seconds.” This will still be available to you if you’ve not already completed it. However, as of January 14th, 2022, there’s another tall grass challenge – “Damage an opponent within 45 seconds of crouching in tall grass.” For both, the main hurdle to overcome is finding the right area. Read on to find out some of the tall grass locations in Fortnite, and how to complete the challenges.

Where are tall grass locations in Fortnite?

First off, tall grass will only be found in the green area of the map, over to the East. This does at least narrow down the areas to search. From there, the best place to look is near the Daily Bugle, as it is pretty much surrounded by patches of tall grass.

Where to find Fortnite tall grass locations

If you don’t want to drop in at The Daily Bugle, then there are a couple of other places to find tall grass on the Fortnite map. Firstly, you’ll be able to find some to the North West of The Sanctuary. Even further down the map, there is a little tall grass to the South side of The Joneses.

The below map roughly shows some of the areas where you can find tall grass.

How to complete “Damage an opponent within 45 seconds of crouching in tall grass”

To be honest, this is fairly self explanatory from the name of the challenge. As this is a damage challenge, there isn’t much advise we can give once you’ve located the tall grass, however, there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, you’ll most likely need a weapon, though this challenge can be completed with your pickaxe. Next, you need an opponent. The main thing you need to consider, therefore, is increasing your chances of coming across an opponent by heading somewhere lots of people will drop, while also giving yourself enough time to grab a gun or other weapon. Finally, don’t forget to crouch, as you won’t get the challenge completion if you forget this minor step.

While there are a few ways of completing this, our best advice is to drop in near the outskirts of the Daily Bugle as there will likely be lots of people dropping in this general area. Instead of heading into the landmark, grab a gun from some of the floor loot dotted around, and wait in the tall grass, crouching, in the hopes of someone else doing a similar thing to you, or leaving the area. Don’t stop crouching in the tall grass until you know someone is nearby.

How to hide in Fortnite tall grass

If you still also need to complete the previous tall grass challenge, “Hide in tall grass for ten seconds,” you’ll probably be able to do this at the same time as the other challenge. You’ll simply need to ensure you stay within the confines of the grassy area for long enough. While you can do this standing, it may be easier to crouch and this will help with the other challenge. Either way, just ensure you are obscured from all sides. Stand there for at least ten seconds (or move around very slightly for safety) and you’re done!

Check out our guides on some of the other Fortnite Seasonal challenges you may not yet have completed, such as flying with a chicken, or knocking down Timber Pines.

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