www.makeuseof.com How to Hide Apps on a Samsung Phone

www.makeuseof.com How to Hide Apps on a Samsung Phone

Do you want to hide some apps on your Samsung smartphone? That's easy to do. Whether you want to hide apps to keep them away from prying eyes, or they came pre-installed with your phone and you can't remove them, it just takes a few taps.

Without further ado, here's how to hide apps on your Samsung device.

How to Hide Apps on Your Samsung Smartphone

These instructions apply specifically to Samsung Android smartphones. If you have an Android phone manufactured by another company, the process will be different. This is because Samsung uses a proprietary Android software overlay called One UI.

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www.makeuseof.com How to Hide Apps on a Samsung Phone

Once an app is hidden, it will no longer appear within your app drawer. However, it will still appear in search results and when browsing all of your apps via Settings.

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If you want to unhide an app, return to the Hide apps page. Beneath the Hidden apps heading, tap the apps you want to unhide, then tap Apply. If you need further assistance, see our guide on how to find hidden Android apps.


Is Hiding Apps Enough?

It's great that you can hide apps on your Samsung phone, but is that enough for you? You may want to go one step further and block the apps entirely or lock them behind a passcode. For this, you can use Google's Digital Wellbeing app, which helps you know when to disconnect.

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